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It was called “Black Tuesday” - the day the bottom fell out of the stock market ushering in the Great Depression. Soon, soup kitchens and breadlines replaced the flappers and speakeasies of the Roaring Twenties. A new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, provided hope and leadership in the country's darkest hour.

Chapter Detail

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Chapter 1—Black Tuesday (06:33)
By the late 1920s, the economic "roar" had gone out of the decade. FInancial speculation led to the dramatic "Black Tuesday" collapse of the stock market and the onset of the Great Depression.
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Chapter 2—Welcome to Hooverville (06:35)
As a result of the Great Depression, millions of Americans became unemployed, others lost their homes and farms. President Hoover's restrained response failed to revive the ailing economy.
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Chapter 3—The New Deal (08:19)
Beginning in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt implemented many domestic programs, collectively, known as the "New Deal" with the aim of putting Americans to work and restoring the U.S. economy.
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Chapter 4—The Second New Deal (06:19)
FDR launched the Second New Deal, which included the influential Works Progress Administration or W.P.A. However, it would take the massive war mobilization to finally lift the U.S. out of depression.


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