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Fostered by the fruits of the industrial revolution, the early twentieth century was a heady time for the wealthy class. For many others, life was fouled by poor working conditions, political corruption and social unrest. But slowly people began to demand the change, equality and reform that led to the birth of the Progressive Era.

Chapter Detail

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Chapter 1—Early Voices of Reform (05:27)
Activist groups such as the Mugwumps, Populists, and Socialists pre-dated the Progressive Movement and laid the ground work for the reforms which marked the era.
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Chapter 2—Progressives' Programs (08:36)
Reforms at the state and local level made government more responsive to its people. Business was regulated, workers protected, suffrage promoted. Other changes targeted moral issues such as temperance.
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Chapter 3—Progressivism at the National Level (10:57)
Progressive politics played on the national stage as Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson championed reform while President hoover maintained a conservative approach that frustrated many Americans.
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Chapter 4—Limits of Progressivism (02:59)
Many reforms were imtroduced during the Progressive Era. But issues remained. Discrimination against African-Americans expanded during the period despite the growth of organizations such as the NAACP.


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