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Vietnam was the longest war in America’s history and the most divisive in more than a century. Decades later, U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia remains misunderstood, misinterpreted and misrepresented. This powerful program explores the genesis of America’s “quagmire” in the region—from the roots of Vietnamese nationalism and a century of French colonialism through the long and costly American war and beyond.

Chapter Detail

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Chapter 1—Indochina (11:28)
The people of Vietnam had a long history of defiant independence. Victory against France in the First Indochina war was a prelude to confrontation with the U.S.
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Chapter 2—Two Vietnams (05:49)
In 1954, Vietnam was partitioned, leaving two states—communist North Vietnam and U.S.-backed South Vietnam. Civil War followed as each fought for dominance.
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Chapter 3—Quagmire (06:44)
Under President Kennedy, the U.S. became increasingly embroiled in the Vietnam conflict. By the end of 1963, more than 17,000 Americans were committed to the effort.
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Chapter 4—America's War (07:57)
Under President Johnson, the U.S. stepped-up its military effort in South Vietnam, ultimately committing the United States to a long, costly war.
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Chapter 5—In Country (06:17)
Beginning in 1965 the Vietnam conflict rapidly escalated into a full-blown war, with American troops facing Viet Cong guerillas as well as the North Vietnamese Army.
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Chapter 6—Home Front (06:47)
The Vietnam war resulted in the deepest divisions in American society since the end of the Civil War whose effects reverberated throughout the 1960s and beyond.
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Chapter 7—Tet 1968 (09:16)
The Tet Offensive of 1968 was stunning in its scope, ferocity and political impact. Within a short time It became the American obituary in Vietnam.
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Chapter 8—Peace With Honor (06:53)
President Nixon and National Security Advisor Kissinger sought to extract the U.S. from Vietnam and achieve "peace with honor."
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Chapter 9—Fall of Saigon (04:37)
After the withdrawal of its troops, the U.S. vowed to continue aid to South Vietnam. But Watergate intervened and the North quickly overwhelmed the South.
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Chapter 10—Ghosts of Vietnam (06:43)
The defeat in Vietnam inspired sweeping political, military and domestic changes in the U.S.—changes that reverberate to this day.


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