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The United States was irrevocably transformed between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the twentieth century. From controversial expansionism, through war in the Caribbean and Pacific, unrest in Asia and troubles at home, the country experienced radical change on a course to world leadership.

Chapter Detail

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Chapter 1—Expansionism (04:25)
In late 19th century the U.S. debated the merits of expansionism. Advocates cited economic and military benefits—or claimed the white race was duty-bound to civilize "inferior" peoples.
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Chapter 2—Opening Japan (02:00)
U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry successfully advocated for opening trade with Japan. In 1854 Japan, under threat of force, agreed to American requests and began a period of modernization.
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Chapter 3—Purchasing Alaska (01:51)
In 1867 the United States agreed to buy the territory of Alaska from Russia. The final price—$7.2 million dollars—was less than three cents per acre.
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Chapter 4—Annexing Hawaii (02:18)
In 1893 American plantation owners, with the help of ambassador John L. Stevens, forced Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani from her throne paving the way for its annexation by the United States.
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Chapter 5—Spanish-American War (10:27)
The explosion on the U.S.S. Maine thrust the United States into war against Spain in the Caribbean and the Pacific. In the words of John L. Hay, it was to be “a splendid little war.”
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Chapter 6—Open Door Policy (03:39)
American economic interests sought increased trade with China. The open door policy allowed imperial powers equal access to Chinese markets while China remained sovereign.
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Chapter 7—Foreign Policy (067:09)
At the turn of the century, foreign policy was marked by President Theodore Roosevelt's “big stick” diplomacy, President Taft's "dollar diplomacy," and President Wilson's "moral diplomacy."


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