Precise recorded textbooks. Stirring creative sound. We excel at both and posses a production portfolio that includes numerous large-scale projects incorporating several thousand hours of produced content.

Passage to Freedom
One of several hundred background-building sound vignettes designed to improve listening skills and help students to build on prior knowledge of the world around them. Correlated to major publisher's K-6 reading program.
This "You are There" segment—one of several hundred—was produced as part of the major publisher's K-6 Social Studies recorded text project.
Romeo & Juliet
We partnered with a major publisher to produce this grand ensemble recording of the Shakespeare classic. The three-hour recording is replete with twelve-person cast, elaborate sound effects and custom music score.
This dramatic recording, correlated to a high school theatre text, was part of an Flash-based interactive "recording studio" which allowed students to record their own interpretations of classic literature.

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